A Question For Those Who Read This


Facebook is no more as of a few minutes ago.  I am not sure when or if I will go back to it.  I have never been a big fan of Tumblr and am on the fence about Instagram. It looks like Pintrest will be my distraction of choice for the next little while and I am not sure how long that will last.  Here I am trying to learn to be an entrepreneur and I am sick and tired of ads being shoved up my nose every time I turn around.  Capitalism is not my thing in spite of trying to sell my work.  Marketing and self-promotion are not my strong suites and I shy away from people who are aggressive self-marketers.  It was one of the many reasons for leaving Facebook.

I started this page as a business page, as a way to sell the stuff I dye.  It seems to have turned into more of a personal blog and I am wondering if I should continue to combine the two.   I love color, am fascinated by combining and blending color combinations and by how it effects people’s emotions and moods. The graphic at the head of this entry is an example.  I don’t agree with the astrological data (the colors match the seasons but not the characteristics of the signs) but am intrigued by the word associations with the colors. (Apologies to whoever I stole this from.  If you don’t like it, contact me and I will take it down.  I found it in a random internet search ages ago.)  I am also an advanced amateur photographer (most of the pics on the blog are mine) and an avid gardener who particularly loves flowers.  So if you want to talk about color, I am your person.

A more business savvy friend of mine said that people like to have personal connections with people they buy from.  I have never considered that.  I know I am more inclined to take my business back to people I feel connected to but I never considered using that as a business strategy.  I am known as a galloping extrovert.  I have always liked people and am fascinated by their stories.  I would like for the clothing and yarn I dye to be a reflection of the people who wear and use it.  But using my people connections as a sales gimmick feels manipulative to me. Nothing pisses me off more than an insincere salesperson.

So, what think you, dear readers?  Please chime in. Should this blog stay strictly business and sales?  should I set up another blog for thinking out loud? or is the combination of the two acceptable?  I wonder if it might be a little confusing.


RainbowGreetings, Beloveds.  I am on a manic rebound after being sick since the end of September.  There has been a trip to urgent care, 2 allergic drug reactions, constant antibiotics and antivirals,  and a hospitalization through the emergency room for which my insurance company has denied coverage.  And those are just the highlights.

Today is the first day since I don’t remember when that I have not been nauseated, in pain, or hugging the toilet.  It’s a hell of a way to lose 10 pounds.  I actually slept more than 4 hours in a row and was able to tolerate real Greek food yesterday without an immediate trip to the toilet within an hour of eating.  I went adventuring with my sister, had good food, and saw a wonderful movie.  I couldn’t ask for a better day or more fun.  It was sorely needed.

Somewhere in all the chaos and depression I initiated the process of writing a formal business plan and applying for grant funding to expand and develop Freak Flag Dye Company.  As part of the rebound my head is bursting with creative ideas and grand schemes.  I am rushing to get all the details on paper before I forget them and formulate plans to see them come to pass.  Reality will eventually settle in and I will have to buckle down and do the grunt work.  I am looking forward to seeing what eventually manifests. My experience at the moment is much like being inside a freshly shaken snow globe.

So. . . .deep breath. . . a few grounding exercises and hugs from my friends. . . additions to the ongoing list in my daily gratitude journal. . .time to get real.  Today I feel bulletproof, tomorrow I may be curled up under my blankie crying again.

Wish me luck.  Much love to you all.


Catching up

I was having a nice phone conversation with someone today who wanted to see this site.  As we were discussing the content I realized that there is a lot more stuff on Facebook than there is here.  What I post here is automatically posted to FB, but it is not the other way around (Fie on you, Mark Zuckerburg!)  So here is stuff you may not have seen.

November2017 (1)November2017 (2)November2017 (3)November2017 (4)November2017double dyed smallTank topsvertical reverserusty spiralmandala reverselight scribbles rev

How Do You Pronounce “Turquoise”?

Da Blues
Da Blues

I have been at it again and for some reason turquoise was the dominant color.  I have great intentions of adjusting my palette, but it did not happen this go ’round.    I love multicolored spirals, but even then that blue color dominated the scene.

rainbow spirals
Corporate colors
Corporate colors

I did get away from the blue to try out some corporate colors for a local business.


Flower fold
Origami with cotton

And then there was practicing origami folds.

Black ice
Trying out a new black dye with ice.

A new black dye.  I like this one a lot.  The black is deeper and richer.  It still breaks at the edges into gray and purple but when I am not deliberately causing it to break, it looks like it will be a true, deep black.


Experimenting again

And the final set of experiments.  Another origami like fold, although I refuse to make cute little animals out of t-shirts, but I like the black.  I was trying for a Barney purple and got pokeberry instead.

Dying When in a “Mood”

blue experimentpurple experimentpink experiment

These are the result of dying when one is in what is euphemistically called “a mood” here in the small town South.  I went into the garage, starting yanking shirts off the rack, and splattering dye around,  I was mostly using the drip and squeeze method of dying for this go ’round.  I think because there were a few necks I wanted to put my hands around and squeeze.  Looking back on it now, it all seems silly.  But I do remember steam coming out of my ears at the time.

In spite of my “mood” there was a little bit of method to this madness.  I am thinking of toning down the palette and wanted to see what the colors looked like and how they acted on the fabric, so their was more dilution, more single or two color dying, and less time wasted on folding and tying.  I spent more time fiddling with dye concentrations and color mixing.  The leftmost shirt in the middle row is done with black dye which bleeds into blues and purples and washes out as grey unless it is very, very concentrated.  The same dye was used on the left shirt on the bottom row.  The pink shirt with the bull’s eye on the bottom row is the same red dye used on the shirt next to it but diluted.  The purple and green shirt is custom mixed colors done from basic primary pigments.

The bull’s eye pattern, by the way, is my first attempt at tying a mandala and I think it would be cute on a pregnant woman.

Dye fascinates me in that it acts much like watercolors do when painting.  No matter how much I try to control it, it does it’s own thing and always surprises me.  When I get my colors figured out I will spend more time on the very tedious and fussy process of folding and tying, which I will have to figure out as I go along because so far following instructions from books and videos has not worked well for me.  I have had some interesting adventures with dental floss, fake sinew, and rubber bands.

Figuring out equipment is another adventure.  Books and videos don’t work with my  idiosyncrisities, which is sort of the story of my life.   For one thing, I absolutely hate and despise my washing machine.  It is too idiot-proof (my big complaint about a lot of electronics and software) and not flexible enough for me to fill first, add detergent, and then toss in the shirts while it agitates. (Believe me, it matters. The yellow spots on the top left shirt were not supposed to be there.)  So when my sugar daddy comes along the first thing I am going to do is replace the washer for one that does what I want it to do.  I don’t care if I end up with a 1968 Kenmore as long as it is can do what I need it to do. (Like agitate with the lid open, anyone?)

I have put out a call to all my friends to save me their empty dishwashing liquid bottles.  It turns out that I have better control with those than I do with the fancy lab wash bottles one video suggests I use or the pointy topped condiment dispensers I have been using.

Don’t get me started on the instruction to use kelp to thicken the dye, either.  That was a major mess.

At least I am using gloves now.  The days of zombie hands are (mostly) over.

If anyone is interested in any of these shirts, get in touch.  I will make you a good deal.  I would (and do) wear these kind of experiments for grubbing in the garden or painting, etc. They are mostly women’s JMS 5x with a few other odd’s and end’s tossed in there.